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Carmen’s individual massage style thrives from her passion in helping people who have injury, chronic pain and old holding patterns in the form of Therapeutic Massage.


She does senior massage and enjoys working with populations with physical disability and anyone who loves a patient and conscientious practitioner who provides services to all who can benefit from the therapeutic aspects of massage. She has been given feedback from survivors of abuse that she has a way of "holding space". She also has an abundant passion to reach the underserved, which is her primary mission: to enrich the quality of the community in which she lives and to help others thrive in that community.


She has a focus on techniques that incorporate healing for low back pain, frozen shoulders, and holding patterns. She hopes to hold space and strongly believes in the mind body connection, in where the idea that trauma and past injury can be held in the body. She feels that she is a support for others working out wounds, rather that be in the body, energy body and physical; it is all connected.  


With her experience as a yoga teacher she combines yoga stretches along with therapeutic massage techniques to relieve these painful issues. Using holds and stretching technique with massage she gets into areas that would not otherwise have been reached. Her massage philosophy is to restore the muscles back to their original form, or most healthy present form, in order to heal taut tissue, holding patterns and avoid injury.


The practitioner focuses on taut localized tension in muscle group areas or trigger points and is passionate about using acupressure to move energy and muscle mass to help obtain a relaxed homeostasis and to calm the nervous system so the client is in an optimal state to heal themselves.


She also likes to also focus on the whole body and when she has an intake with a new person she wants to know what their goals are so she can help them in between sessions by utilizing holistic approaches to medicine, supplements and natural oils to help with pain and inflammation. Carmen likes to get to know her clients so she can follow up with continued care giving input and sharing her knowledge for taking care of the body.

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